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1. Turn down your thermostat

For each degree you turn your thermostat down during the winter, you can save 3%. Don’t forget to turn down your thermostat when you are not home and at night when you go to bed!

2. Take care of your furnace

Make sure to get your furnace cleaned and checked every year to keep it running at peak performance! You should also clean or replace the air filter regularly. A dirty filter will use more energy and heat more slowly!

3. Let the heat circulate

Check your furniture, curtains, drapes, and rugs to make sure they are not blocking heat registers. If you have a ceiling fan, use it to push the warm air down from the ceiling!

4. Keep the cold out

Keep your blinds or drapes closed when it gets dark out! This can help cut heat loss throughout the night. You can also put plastic sheeting for insulation day and night!

5. Cook smart

If you have a gas stove, adjust the flame to fit your pans. Also, don’t open the oven door if you don’t have to. It can cause a drop of up to 50 degrees in the oven temperature.

6. Turn down the tank

Did you know you can reduce your energy consumption by turning your hot water tank to 120 degrees? For every 10-degree reduction, you can save 3%. You should also insulate your hot water pipes and install a water heating insulation blanket to help reduce your natural gas consumption.

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