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It’s never fun when something in your house stops working. It’s especially bad when it’s something needed like a furnace. Here are 6 common problems that occur with your furnace.

No Heat

Does it feel like your furnace just isn’t blowing heat anymore? Do you walk up to the vents around your house, place your hand against them, and feel cold air? This is a common problem that happens to your furnace and if it’s happening to you, it might be time to hire a professional to take care of it.


When a furnace is working it will automatically make noise as it blows hot air through the vents in your home. But if you’re noticing other noises those are probably not normal and may need to be checked out by a professional. If there’s a loud banging or clinking noise, those could be indications of something needing to be fixed.


The filters keep dust, hair, and other particles from circulating through the vents and furnace in your home. If it feels like your heat isn’t working, a common place that needs to be checked is the filter. If you own pets, this filter will need to be changed more frequently.


It’s not normal for your furnace to be leaking anything. If you walk over to check on your furnace and step into liquid that is around it you should get it checked. Even more serious would be if you suspect there may be a gas leak coming from your furnace. If you suspect this, leave your house and call a professional.

Dirty Ducts

Dust, hair, and other particles build up in your home’s ducts can affect the efficiency of heat getting around your home. You can clean these ducts yourself or you can get them professionally cleaned. It’s important to clean ducts somewhat frequently, especially if you have pets or suffer from allergies.


Sometimes it can seem like there’s a problem with your furnace when really it’s just an issue with your thermostat. This is a much easier and cheaper problem to fix. If you think there’s something wrong with your furnace, you can always call a professional to help resolve the problem.