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It is probably broken if your house stays cold even after you turn the furnace on. We have put these four signs that your furnace is failing so you know to get it fixed or repaired!

Strange Noises

HVAC does make noises, but if you have a newer model or if it is located in the house where you don’t hear the noise, you won’t hear anything, but if you do hear pops or squeaks, it might be because something is loose in your system and needs to be replaced or repaired!

Increased Utility Bill

Has your utility bill increased since last year, even though you have used the same amount? It’s a sign that the furnace isn’t efficient enough anymore and will need a check-up to see what is happening! Keep checking your system, so they run longer and save more money!


We always have dust in the house even though you clean it out frequently! But if you start noticing that the dust is piling up way too fast and if it’s coming from heat registers, it is a sign that the furnace is telling you that they are done! Your furnace brings outside air to filter and heat the air and comes to your house for warm air, but as the furnace gets older, it will be harder to filter. Get your furnace checked out when you see more dust!


It should be the number one thing you check if you think that the furnace isn’t working well! They usually last for 15 to 20 years. If your furnace is older than 15 years, it is best to get it checked for maintenance with the HVAC company to know how much longer you can use it!