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We’ve all been through it – your spring energy bills are nice and low, then summer hits, and your bills spike up again. No one likes to get that first summer a/c bill – especially when you already booked that family summer vacation!

No need to fret! You can still keep your summer a/c bill under control. Read on for 5 clever ways to keep that a/c bill under control this summer season:

1. Get Your A/C System Checked

If ducts are clogged or your a/c coils are dirty, your unit will use a surprising amount of unnecessary energy. It’s a good idea to schedule a yearly tune-up at this time to avoid any energy waste. Catching any issues early on will save you a lot of money in the long run – a lot more than the cost of a tune-up.

It’s also a good idea to check your air duct system. Clogs or leaks can cause poor air quality in your home and can prevent that cool air from getting where it needs to go. Here are a few telltale signs that your ducts need cleaning:

    • You constantly find dust on your furniture and appliances
    • The vents look dirty, with a lot of dust accumulation
    • The people in your home suffer from allergies or asthma
    • You find mold buildup on the inside of your ducts

Keeping your entire HVAC system tuned up will keep your home, your family, and your pocketbook healthy! Be sure to check this every year.

2. Get a Dehumidifier

But a dehumidifier uses electricity, doesn’t it? It may use some electricity, but it uses a lot less than you’re a/c will. Humidity in your home can cause it to feel much hotter than it actually is, causing you to turn up the a/c unnecessarily. A dehumidifier will pull the humidity out of your home’s air, making your home feel cooler, and lessening the need to run the a/c as often.

3. Check Your A/C Settings

Most air conditioning thermostats have an option to set up different temperature settings throughout the day. Try setting the temperature a little lower during the mid-afternoon and early evening. This will greatly reduce your energy costs. Try wearing light clothing and drinking icy drinks to keep cool, rather than turn the a/c up. Most people don’t even realize how excessively their a/c is running during the day – until their bill arrives!

4. Open Your Windows At Night

Opening your windows at night can let in a lot of cool air, saving lots of energy. If you live in a very humid location, you could try putting a fan in the window, which will circulate the air better. If you’re worried about security while you’re sleeping, putting short wooden sticks or poles in the windows will keep them from opening too wide, preventing any curious passers-by from wanting to snoop into your home. Be sure that at least 2-3 windows are open in the home to allow for better circulation.

5. Don’t Cook As Much

This is a big one! Cooking and baking can produce a lot of unwanted heat in the home – especially if you’re cooking daily. Opt for fresher meals that require less cooking. Enjoy more picnics outside, or try some chilled meals that will cool off your body after you eat them. Most people don’t desire a heavy, hot meal when it’s hot, anyway. Do your stomach and your wallet a favor by enjoying the fresh foods available in the season – and get the most out of summer!

Enjoy Your Summer!

Monitoring your a/c system and making these few adjustments to your summer lifestyle will greatly impact your next energy bill. Relieve yourself of the stress that comes with higher bills and enjoy summer with your family to the fullest. Go on that family vacation and ease your mind. You will be smiling the next time you open your bill!