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In order for your HVAC system to work correctly and efficiently, you must do regular cleaning and maintenance. With spring quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time to clean your AC and prepare it to keep your home cool during warmer weather. It’s also a great time to check in with your heating system to ensure it hasn’t sustained any damage during the winter months. Please keep reading to see our list of tips for cleaning and preparing your HVAC system for spring.

Turn Off Power

Before cleaning or maintaining your HVAC system, make sure the power is turned off. You never want to touch anything or disassemble any parts for cleaning without double and triple-checking that all power is turned off. For extra safety, invest in a pair of rubber gloves to prevent wires or electrical circuits injuries. If cleaning any areas with water, allow time for drying before turning the power back on.

Change Filters

Filters should regularly be replaced every few months to provide your home with clean air, help your HVAC system work efficiently and correctly, and prevent bills from skyrocketing. If you can’t remember the last time you changed your filters, chances are it’s overdue for a replacement.

Remove Debris from the interior of the AC

You should be able to unscrew the top of the unit and clean the interior. Overtime debris such as sticks, dust, dirt, leaves, and other things can accumulate in the unit and interfere with the operation of your AC. Use a broom to give the inside a good clean, dust off the fan and corners, and hose it down to rinse off any excess dirt and dust.

Clean Return Vents

There’s no preventing dust and dirt build-up around the return vents. Make a habit of regularly dusting the area to help the indoor air quality and ensure there’s nothing interfering with airflow.

Remove Plants & Weeds Around AC

Weeds don’t only affect and put your yard in danger; they can also put your AC unit at risk! Both weeds and other plants growing around your AC should be removed regularly to not interfere with the efficiency of your AC system. You can also use a hose to rinse out any extra grass, debris, or outside obstructions on top of or sides.

If you’re unsure you can clean your HVAC system correctly or just want someone with more knowledge or experience to do the job, hire a professional! Mid Atlantic Heating & Air Conditioning is where to call for any maintenance or cleaning for your HVAC system. We’ll provide inspections, make sure everything is working as it should, and complete maintenance to prevent potential problems.