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Ideally, you always want to have the cleanest air possible in your home, but it’s especially important during the winter months when all sorts of illnesses are going around. Indoor air pollution can come from all different things like cooking, cleaning supplies, gas-powered stoves, and fireplaces. We’ve put together a list of easy things you can do to improve your air quality.

Change Filters:

Filters are used to filter out and catch dust, keeping your air as clean as possible. However, if they aren’t changed regularly, they can get clogged and disrupt airflow and not do their job of filtering out dust and other particles. Filters should be changed every few months to ensure they work properly.

Open Windows:

Let the fresh air in and the polluted air out simply by opening up a few windows. Open windows are beneficial when cooking in the kitchen, specifically if you cook with a gas stove that emits chemicals when used. That being said, no matter if you’re cooking or how you’re cooking, opening a window or two is an easy way to ventilate the room and make the air feel less stuffy. While this might not be ideal with the winter weather, your lungs will thank you!

Use Bathroom and Kitchen Fans:

Humid areas of your home are the perfect places for mold, mildew, and bacteria to thrive and invite all sorts of bugs to make themselves at home. Rooms that are often humid are bathrooms and kitchens, and these two rooms typically have fans installed to suck out the humidity and bacteria. Next time you’re taking a steamy shower, or spending a while in the kitchen, flip on the fan switch and eliminate some of the moisture.

Non-Toxic Household Cleaners:

Many of the most popular household cleaning products are filled with harmful chemicals. However, there’s plenty of “green” or non-toxic cleaning products available in stores and online that you can use as an alternative. If you choose to use cleaning products with chemicals, make sure to ventilate the area after cleaning.

HVAC Service:

It’s never a bad idea to give your local HVAC Service a call and have them perform routine maintenance and make sure everything is working as it should. They’ll be able to take a look at your ventilation system and check filters, as well as make recommendations in regards to your heating and cooling systems. If you’re in the Bristow, VA area, give Mid Atlantic Heating and Air Conditioning a call for any questions or issues you may have.