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Looking for ways to keep your home warm and your heating bill low? Take a look at our four tips to ensure effective and efficient heating in your home.

1. Regularly check filters

Filters help make sure you and your family enjoy the safest, cleanest air possible. They stop potentially harmful material from entering your home’s various rooms. Over time, filters become crowded with all of the dust and debris they’ve been protecting you from. Dirty filters make it harder for air to come through at all, forcing your furnace to work harder than it would if new or clean filters were installed. Make time to take care of your filters and both you and your wallet will be happier.

2. Allow sunlight to come in

It may be light-years away and the air outside may be chilly, but even during the coldest of days, the sun can provide heat for your home. While it’s out and bright, leave curtains open to welcome in the warmth. Once it disappears, close the curtains to keep the natural heat inside. No, it won’t replace your need for your furnace, but Mother Nature is handing you free heat—take it!

3. Keep vents clear

If a particular room or area feels surprisingly cool, a bookcase, couch, chair, or other pieces of furniture may be blocking the airflow. No matter how hard it tries, your furnace cannot move any obstructions on its own.

4. Receive a furnace tune-up

At the end of the day, your heating system may just need our help. There are many reasons why your furnace may not be performing at its highest level, but don’t worry—we’ll figure what’s going on and provide you with a helpful and affordable solution.

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