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Have you been experiencing cold spots in your home lately? Assuming that your answer is yes, it could be an indication that there is an issue with your existing HVAC framework. When performing efficiently and sized suitably, your air conditioning system should uniformly cool even the most remote spots in your home. In case it’s not, it could be an ideal opportunity to bring in the professionals at Mid Atlantic Heating & Air. Here are some typical reasons behind the occurrence of cold spots:

Unclean air filters

A potential reason for cold spots in your home could be the restriction of airflow caused by clogged air filters. When the air filter of your air conditioning system gets blocked with debris and dirt, it can lead to reduced airflow. With decreased air circulation, it very well may be harder to warm the farthest corners of your home successfully. To forestall this issue, change your air filter every three months.

Ductwork issues

Leaky or damaged ductwork can likewise be the wellspring of cold spots around your home. Your ventilation system is liable for the vast majority of the lost warmth from your home and when damaged, it loses even more heat. Make sure to have your existing ductwork inspected on a regular basis as well as sealed when required.

Poor location of the thermostat

Generally, the thermostat at your home sits centrally and away from exposure to sunlight or any other direct source of heat. Suitable placement of the thermostat is essential because it would read the temperature of your home and cause the furnace to shut down or turn on. To perform its job competently, the unit has to note the ambient temperature properly within a room. However, because of placement problems, or home additions, a thermostat may be displaced from its ideal location. In case you have been experiencing cold spots within your home frequently, try re-adjusting the location of your thermostat.

Invest in additional return ducts

Although this might not seem very crucial, return ducts can play an extremely important role in reducing the static pressures. According to experts, a second return duct can greatly enhance the air circulation bottleneck. Therefore, consider including another return duct in your system.

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