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If you wish to ensure the optimal performance of your air conditioner throughout the summer season as well as save money on your power bills, here are useful tips that you can follow:

Close the blinds and curtains

Start with a few basics. Close the drapes and blinds to shield the warmth from entering your home. One more option is to include bamboo shades or woven screens on to the exterior of windows to keep the daylight out of the room. Blocking light from the outside is the best method to quickly lessen the temperature inside.

Use fans for effective air circulation

Add a fan to the rooms where you spend most of your time. In case you’re close to a desktop computer for a long duration of time regularly, utilize a mini desk fan for keeping it cool.

Invest in a programmable thermostat

If nobody is home for a few hours, think about investing your money into a programmable thermostat. You can decrease the measure of time you run your AC every day by programming temperature controls to pre-set on a clock as per your schedule at different hours for the day.

Install awnings on windows that receive direct sunlight

Keep the warmth out in the long haul by installing awnings to windows facing the west and the east. Decreasing the exposure of every room to sunlight as well as enhancing the shading are exceptionally compelling approaches to remain cool.

Seal the AC ducts

Are the interiors of your home losing the cool air from within them? A decent seasonal AC upkeep routine for the summer season necessitates cleaning of the AC filters once every month. This prevents the ducts and the vents from leaking.

Ventilate every night

To keep the air inside cool and fresh, make sure to ventilate your room with fans every night. Place fans strategically throughout and also keep a window open to ensure proper airflow. This would help to keep the air inside clean and crisp, as well as maintain a low room temperature even on the hottest nights.

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