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Are higher-than-normal energy bills and less efficient cooling raising concerns in your home or office? Sometimes, you might be facing issues due to your old air conditioning system. But other times, the size of the AC could turn out to be the real reason behind high energy bills and low performance.

AC Unit Size – The Bigger, the Better, or the Right Fit?

Most of us carry the notion – ‘the bigger, the better’ while choosing a new air conditioning unit for our room. However, this assumption does not suffice the idea of purchasing a new unit. This is the time when the size of the room determines the size of the AC.

Does an oversized unit really impart comfort?
No doubt, an oversized unit will cool your room quickly, but what it fails to do is condition the air. It implies the fact that the air conditioner also acts as a humidifier – removing moisture from the room apart from cooling the space. This moisture in the room will result in mold growth, dust mites, and allergens, making the environment uncomfortable for the occupants.

Short-cycling is a big deal with an oversized unit!
The optimal efficiency of an oversized unit is achieved through its continuous operation and complete cycle. However, with quick cooling, your AC unit will miss the chance to complete a full cooling cycle. This way, your AC will run for a shorter duration of time, resulting in ‘constantly starting up and shutting down’ cycle. This also means your equipment will have a short life and call for more repair work and cost. Thus, resulting in replacing the unit altogether sooner rather than later.

Undersized AC Unit – Cooling Issues
Is your AC unit running day in and day out yet unable to keep up with the cooling demands of your house or commercial space? If yes, then you might have installed an undersized AC unit that forces the system to work harder than it normally would have to. Surely, it will trigger the energy bills along with low-efficiency performance, leaving you worried and uncomfortable in scorching hot summer days.