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As warm weather rolls in, the ways of minimizing energy consumption change. Less energy consumption means a decreased burden on the environment and reduced utility bills. As you start to tackle spring cleaning, here are some simple energy efficiency tips to consider for your home.

Clean & Inspect Air Conditioning Unit

Clean the inside of the AC unit and around the unit, and vacuum the condenser fins to remove residual dirt and debris. Move on to replace the dirty AC filter that can restrict airflow. And don’t forget to call a professional at Mid Atlantic Heating & Cooling for air conditioner servicing.

Change the Direction of Your Fans

In the winter months, the ceiling fans in your house must be rotating in the clockwise direction on low speed to disperse the rising warm air around the house. In the coming months, the fans must turn counter-clockwise to help its residents stay cool.

Caulk Around Doors, Windows & Attic

The cold weather may have damaged the seals around your windows, doors, and attic. If so, consider adding caulking or weather stripping to lessen air leakage. This will help improve the air quality of your home, prevent moisture issues, and lengthen your HVAC system’s life.

Improve Lighting around Your House

Another easy improvement this spring is the use of LED bulbs. Make sure you get rid of all your old incandescent light bulbs that use a lot of energy and need constant replacement. Don’t forget to turn the lights out when not in use!

Turn off Electronic Appliances

Are you not using your electronic appliances? Turn them off as soon as you’re finished using them! Even this one small effort that people usually forget to make, contributes significantly to saving on annual energy costs.

Reduce Kitchen Energy Usage

The kitchen is home to some of the prime energy-hogging appliances. Make sure you clean your refrigerator’s condenser coils so that the motor works smoothly and uses less electricity. Do check the seals on your refrigerator door. Next, only run a full dishwasher to avoid energy wastage. Last but not least, instead of the stove, use pressure cookers or ovens to avoid heating up your home. You can even consider putting out your grill and cooking outdoors to keep your kitchen cool.

Remember, as you push your house toward maximum efficiency this spring, you can take advantage of increased energy efficiency all year round.

Have a pleasant, blooming spring!