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Thanks to the rise of technology, we are seeing numerous smart devices making their way into our homes today. Apart from being super easy to operate, these devices also help in reducing energy bills and saving time. Homeowners who understand the long-term benefits of smart home technology are actively investing in devices like smart refrigerators and smart speakers.

If you are one such homeowner who loves the idea of a smart home — where the temperature is regulated via smartphones or lights turn on automatically — a smart thermostat is perfect for you. Here’s why you should consider buying one!

What Is A Smart Thermostat?

Many people confuse smart thermostats with programmable thermostats, which are in fact quite different. While programmable thermostats allow you to set the temperature of your home based on the time of the day, smart thermostats take it a step further. With smart thermostats, you can control the device from any remote location by directly connecting it to your smartphone or tablet. On top of that, smart thermostats are comparatively more elegant and high tech than programmable thermostats and offer better efficiency and convenience to users.

Why Should You Upgrade To A Smart Thermostat?

● Automatic
Most smart thermostats come with the ability to read your heating behaviors and optimize themselves. They learn your commute times and adjust your home’s temperature in accordance with the time of your return. Smart thermostats are automated and don’t need much human interference to keep the house at an optimal temperature all year long.

● Saves Money
The biggest difference that a smart thermostat makes is that it helps you save on your energy bills. A smart thermostat regulates your home’s temperature according to your heating behaviors and also offers better control over the device — through an internet-connected solution like a smartphone. This means that you will only be using the thermostat when you really need it. With reduced overheating, your energy bills will likely go down!

● Environmentally Friendly
Smart thermostats help the environment by enabling users to optimize their energy use. These thermostats are specifically designed to recognize where energy can be conserved and provide monthly reports on them. By tracking your use of energy, you can avoid wasting additional energy on heating an empty space.

● Remote Sensing
The best thing about having a smart thermostat at home is that you don’t have to worry about turning it on and off as you go about your daily routine. With its remote sensing technology, it can be easily controlled from a faraway location, so that you can operate the thermostat and set its timer at any time.

● Aesthetically Appealing
A smart thermostat also adds to the aesthetic of your home. Unlike its non-smart ancestors, these thermostats come in a variety of styles with different-colored touch screens. They are not only easy to program, but the classy look makes them easy on the eye too. Not to mention, most smart thermostats are small (so they take less space!) and can be hidden away in a cupboard — in case you want yours out of sight!

● Trackable
As a user, your experience with a smart thermostat will be quite different than a regular thermostat. Since there is no tracking option in a regular thermostat, you may often find yourself wondering as to how you managed to spend so much money on heating. With a smart thermostat, you use a mobile application to gain information on your usage and where exactly you are spending more energy.

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