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Air conditioning has become an integral part of our lives. With increasing global warming, the temperature of the Earth is continuously on the rise. Every household has at least one air conditioning system installed to cope with the soaring heat.
Air conditioning helps to cool the atmosphere of the room in warm conditions by removing heat and moisture as well as controlling ventilation and humidity.

Residential air conditioning can be done in many ways. A few are listed as follows:

Ductless Mini-Split AC
A ductless mini-split AC is the most common air conditioning device you can find in residential households. These mini-split air conditioners have two main components, an outdoor condenser and an indoor hanging unit. These are small in size and can efficiently cool or heat individual rooms.
These air conditioning systems are easy to install. The compressor of the mini-split AC is installed outside the room. Hence the hot air is discarded out, making the place inside cold.

Swamp Cooler
Also known as the evaporate air conditioner, a swamp cooler uses moisture to cool air. It takes the warm air from the outside through evaporative cooler pads. Then the cold air is blown inside the room with the help of a motor fan through a vent. These are very effective in dry weather conditions but tend to make the room humid in the rainy season. Earlier, swamp coolers were an air conditioning unit found in every home as they were cheap and easy to install.
The maintenance of swamp coolers is also easy, which why some people prefer them over split air conditioners.

Geothermal Heat Pumps
A geothermal heat pump is a central heating or cooling system. Like any air conditioner, it uses a heat pump to force the transfer of heat from the ground. A water-based refrigerant flows through the coils of the system. During summers, the heat from the house is transferred through the coil to the ground. The cooled liquid is what cools the house. Set up costs are relatively high for these pumps, which is why they are not preferred that much. These units are long-lasting and require less maintenance as compared to other air conditioning units. Geothermal heat pumps provide steady production and are energy efficient.

Window Units
The most affordable air conditioning option available is the window unit. Low on cost and high on saving energy, a window unit is the best air conditioning system one can have. Window units are easy to install and do not take up space like portable coolers or fans. A window unit provides the option of heating and cooling both and can be used throughout the year.

Everyone wants to be comfortable throughout the year, and air conditioning provides that luxury. At Mid Atlantic Heating And Air Conditioning, We aim at minimizing your cost and maximizing your return. With the help of our 24-hour service provided by well qualified and certified technicians, we aim to provide you with a comfortable environment.