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We all need a few things to get us hrough the summer season. This includes sunscreen, hats, ice creams, cold beverages, and of course, a well-functioning air conditioning system.

Although an important part of our lifestyle, ACs, like any other machine, are not built to last forever. Eventually, you start noticing the subtle signs telling you that your AC is on its last legs. This especially happens with ACs that have been in use for over a decade.

When should you replace your AC?

If you observe the following symptoms in your AC, know that it is time to buy a new one. However, make sure to consult an HVAC specialist before doing so.

1) You are experiencing a lack of cool air and limited airflow around your home.
2) Your AC has been making weird noises for some time now.
3) You have detected moisture and leakage around your air conditioning unit.
4) Your unit is out of warranty and requires frequent repairs.
5) Your utility bills have increased dramatically in the past few months.
6) You are experiencing an increase or decrease in humidity levels at your home.

Even if your AC has not completed its life span (15-20 years), it may still encounter any of the problems mentioned above due to neglect. Our experts at Mid Atlantic Heating & Cooling suggest that an AC should be checked and serviced every once a year and its filters should be changed every six months for proper functioning.

Why should you hire an HVAC professional for AC repairs?

It is a wise idea to hire a professional to service your AC, as he knows the unit inside out and can provide effective solutions for your needs. There are many other benefits of getting your AC serviced by an HVAC specialist.

1) Safety
Your AC contains dangerous chemicals like carbon monoxide or freon, that can prove to be fatal for you and your family if inhaled. HVAC professionals not only have high-quality equipment with them but are also trained to work with various AC units, ensuring efficient repairs in less time. They also inform you about any small damages that may become a serious problem in the future.

2) Convenience
For anyone who is not trained in AC repairs, repairing an AC can prove to be a time-consuming task. As a homeowner, you may have a dozen other things to take care of. Hence, hiring an HVAC expert to service your AC is certainly a good way to save both time and efforts. A qualified HVAC professional can help you with everything, from finding the right AC for your needs to determining the proper size of the unit to installing the unit in your home.

3) Expert Assistance
When you choose a certified HVAC specialist to install and repair your AC, you choose peace of mind. A poorly installed system will not only cause great discomfort for your family but will also result in costly repairs and high utility bills. Let a qualified and experienced technician install your air conditioner to get maximum efficiency in cooling and a unit that will work for years to come. They are also acquainted with local laws and can assist you with the best usage of your AC system.

From minor repairs to complete unit replacement, we offer all-around AC repair solutions to help you minimize your costs and maximize your returns. Call us at 703-447-8046 for any queries or booking!