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On a sweltering summer day, the worst thing that can happen is an AC breakdown. The best way to avoid this is by giving your AC proper servicing. When an air conditioner remains idle for months, it ends up accumulating leaves and dirt and needs maintenance to run properly. Getting your air conditioner checked by a professional not only helps in keeping your AC clean but also saves your energy bills from taking a huge hit.

Preparing your AC before warm weather proves to be beneficial in the long run. Follow these simple tips to keep your AC running efficiently throughout the spring and summer months!

1) Do the cleaning
Start with the cleaning of the condensation pipe. Since this pipe carries condensation, it often gets clogged, resulting in the condensation backing up into the system. An excellent way to combat this problem is to make sure that the pipe drains properly. Clean it with algaecide for proper flow. You must also clean your AC’s outside unit, as it collects dust and other debris if left uncovered. Clean lightly soiled units with a garden hose and heavily soiled units with an air-conditioner cleaner before the summer rolls in!

2) Keep your AC in shade
Air conditioners, or any machine for that matter, run more efficiently when they have been kept in a proper place. Put your AC in a shaded space, as the air there is colder than the surrounding air. Doing this allows your AC to have an easier time cooling your home rather than when placed in a sunny area.

3) Clean or replace your filters
A clogged filter needs to work harder to supply the same amount of cool air. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to check the air filter once per six months and replace if needed. This becomes especially important in summers as the filter has to function continuously to filter dust and allergens circulating in the air. Changing filters is an easy way to conserve energy and save money on HVAC usage.

4) Install a programmable thermostat
If you want to make significant energy savings, you can opt for a programmable thermostat instead of a regular one. With a programmable thermostat, you can alter the settings to reduce the use of air conditioning or heat at times when you don’t need it. For example, when you are traveling or away for work. Thankfully, such thermostats are pretty easy to install by yourself. If you have a regular thermostat at home, make sure to keep heat-producing appliances such as lamps and TV sets away from the thermostat. The thermostat can sense the heat from these appliances causing the AC to run longer than necessary.

5) Call the pros
If you notice the wire in the insulation areas frayed or missing, replace them immediately. It is not easy to do the entire cleaning and preparation work on your own. The more appropriate option is to get your central air conditioning inspected, cleaned, and tuned by a licensed, bonded, and insured HVAC professional.

At Mid Atlantic Heating & Cooling, we can take care of all your AC cleaning, repair, and maintenance work. Just reach out to us with your concerns, and our experts will solve them efficiently and on time!