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Spring is the season to spring out of your laid-back winter days and get your home as clean as a whistle! Now while you are on your cleaning spree, make sure you achieve that thorough ‘spring clean.’ Sneak into every nook and cranny that you normally neglect or skimp on in your routine cleaning checklist. This means your air conditioning vents!

It is that time of the year when homeowners start gearing up for sizzling summer heat. Hence, it won’t be long before many decide to switch off their furnaces and turn to air conditioners. But before you do so, make sure your cooling system is ready for summer if you want to enjoy clean and cool air in your home that is free of dust and allergens. Hence, spring into action and clean your air vents first.

Follow these simple steps to effectively clean your air conditioning vents and prevent dirt, dust, hair, pollen and other allergens from flowing throughout your home!

1. Supplies You Will Need For A Thorough Clean

In order to clean the air vents optimally, you will need a few essential supplies. You are likely to find some of them lying around in your house. You will need a screwdriver, a ladder, soap and water, a cleaning or scrubbing brush, and a vacuum (preferably heavy-duty). You will also need new air filters if the old ones need replacement.

2. Unscrew The Vents

Before you begin, make sure your air conditioning unit is turned off. Take a walk about your home and identify all the vents you have (both the supply and return vents if you have a centralized cooling system). Unscrew all the air vent covers from the ceilings, walls, and floors. Grab a ladder if the vents are located in places beyond your reach. When the following steps are completed, you can place your cleaned vents back.

3. Clean The Vent Covers

Prepare warm soapy water and clean all the air vent covers using a scrub brush. Once this is done, rinse them off with clean water. Put them in a suitable, dust-free area to dry.

4. Vacuum The Ducts

While the vent covers are drying, bring your heavy-duty vacuum and dust off the ducts as thoroughly as possible. If you don’t have a heavy-duty vacuum at home, avoid straining your regular vacuum as it doesn’t have a hose long enough to reach deep into the ducts. Also, the standard vacuums lack the power to draw all the dirt and debris lying hidden in the crevices. Hence, renting a heavy-duty vacuum is the best option for you! Before you start vacuuming, it is recommended that you wear safety goggles and cover your nose so that you don’t inhale dust while cleaning.

5. Change The Air Filters

As the season changes, consider it an opportunity to take off your old and filthy air filters and put new ones. Check all the air filters. If they are covered in dust and look visibly gray, replace them to ensure healthy air quality in your space. Besides, dirty air filters also impact the system’s cooling efficiency, resulting in reduced air flow, accelerated wear and tear, and increased energy cost. Ideally, a filter can work properly for up to 3 months. However, it is a good idea to check, and if required, replace your air filters every month during the warmer months of summer when your system is working for a good portion of the day.

Are you unsure of what size of filter you need or do you need professional cleaning and maintenance services for your air conditioner? Contact Mid Atlantic Heating & Cooling today. From spring tune-up services to fixing any issues your AC may have, we do a detailed job at affordable prices.