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Do you feel a nip in the air despite having your heater on? No one can be comfortable in a drafty house where HVAC systems fail to maintain an ideal temperature both in summer as well as in winter. These uncontrolled air-leaks and crevices allow the outside air and moisture to enter your home. This means poor heating and cooling as well as increased utility bills.

Draft-proofing your home is the best way to maintain a comfortable temperature in all seasons. Once this is done, you’ll be surprised to find how many extra dollars you have been spending on your heating and cooling systems, not to mention all the discomfort caused!

Confused on how the outside air swaps position with your inside air? Here are some common places to look for drafts and how you can cover them up right away!

Windows And Doors

Windows and doors are the most obvious areas to look for air leaks. While they do their best in keeping sunlight and rain away, outside air can easily pass through the small drafts around your doors and windows. Sealing these drafts is easy to do though. You can use a self-adhesive weather-stripping of felt, rubber, vinyl, or silicone down the sides of your windows. For doors, highly affordable foam gaskets or a variety of impressive door sweeps are a good choice. If your doors or windows are in poor condition, consider getting them replaced with new ones that are more energy-efficient.


Check places where cables, pipes, and wires are laid as they often have crevices around them. Wiring holes made for cable TV, electrical outlets, and phone lines, as well as plumbing vents, are the areas that should be sealed to prevent air leaks. You can use caulk, gasket, or spray foam to seal them up! Don’t forget to take a look at the extractor fan in your kitchen and bathroom as well as the exterior wall vents. Cover them up if they are open to keep the wind out!

Switches And Recessed Lights

You can easily tuck in foam inserts behind the faceplates of the switches to block out possible air leaks. If you have recessed lights in your home, check them too and cover them up with insulating caps to restrict the ventilation.

Attic And Sealing

In many American homes, attics are the biggest cause of heat loss. Oftentimes, they are not adequately insulated or are damp which causes mold growth and other problems throughout the house. Hence, make sure you insulate your attic properly. Begin with sealing around the access point that is letting outside air in. Cover with a rigid insulation panel at the back of the hatch or door and then attach weather-stripping along its perimeter. In case you have a pull-down staircase, build a foam box caulk using metallic duct tape, and insulated foam board for its insulation.


Fireplaces are built to be drafty! If you don’t use your fireplace, insert a chimney balloon in the chimney to prevent possible air leak. Also, cover up your fireplace flue completely to block the air out.

Kitchen And Bathroom Cabinets

Drafts can appear at the points where skirting and floor meet! In most homes, skirting doesn’t usually extend on the walls behind the cabinets in your kitchens and bathrooms. You can feel the outside wind swirling in there and sneaking into your room. The best solution is to insulate such spaces using loft insulation. Use spray foam to close the gaps and keep your home comfortable in all seasons.

Not Sure If You Have Got The Right System?

If despite all these fixes you are not completely happy with your system’s heating and cooling results, get in touch with Mid Atlantic Heating & Cooling. Let our experts guide you through our range of energy-efficient systems and help you choose the right ones for your home or office!