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If you are in the market for a new thermostat, are you looking into a modern programmable version? These models hold immense value for homeowners in any climate, letting you control the temperature of your home at every hour of every day.

With a multitude of features, you can create the optimal living environment when you’re home and help reduce costs when you’re not. If you need more convincing, here are three reasons to choose a programmable or smart home thermostat:

Energy Savings

Who doesn’t love saving money any way they can? Many people will go to extreme lengths to save pennies on the dollar. When you get a programmable thermostat for your home, you can do that easily without going to extreme lengths to do it.

For example, programmable thermostats work with your family’s schedule to cut back on air conditioning or heat when you’re at school or work and then to return it to a comfortable temperature before you come home.

Simply program the thermostat to stay at energy-saving levels at least eight hours per day, or longer if you’re away on vacation. You can even install a thermostat for each zone of your HVAC system to further boost savings. Every degree you cut back should equal approximately two percent savings on your bill.

Optimized Comfort

Using a programmable thermostat means that your house will always be at an optimal temperature when you’re home. All you need to do is set it to gradually return to a comfortable level right before you or your children are scheduled to return from work or school. It’s both energy-efficient and convenient.

You could argue that it’s one less thing to worry about when you get home. Many homeowners also reduce heat or air conditioning levels while sleeping and then return to normal by the time they wake up in the morning. There’s nothing like waking up to a cozy or cool home to get your morning off on the right foot.

As an added measure of helping with your routine and comfort, some thermostats work over Wi-Fi so you can change the temperature at any time from your tablet, smartphone or computer. These thermostats are a step up from traditional programmable thermostats.

Keeping Up With Your Routine

Most programmable thermostats on the market can be set up with daily routines. You just need to set up different programs for weekdays and weekends. If your schedule changes and you need to override the existing presets, the thermostat lets you do it without losing your programmed settings, making holidays and other days that much easier to get around.

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