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It is very important to keep your air conditioner properly serviced with timely maintenance. A well-maintained air conditioning unit will run more efficiently and use less energy to operate. A properly maintained system will also last longer before needing to be replaced.

Certain air conditioning tips and tricks pay off well in ensuring you a cool summer. Not only will you give yourself the best chance of staying cool all summer long and avoiding emergency breakdowns, but you’ll also save some money on your electricity bills.

Clean and replace air filters

Replacing your air conditioning filters or cleaning reusable ones is perhaps one of the most important monthly regular AC maintenance tips. It should be done on a regular basis, and sometimes monthly, depending on high usage. When filters become full of dust particles, allergens, and dirt, the airflow drastically decreases, making your system work more than it normally should. The airflow through your system may also turn dirtier, and more prone to triggering allergies, bacteria, and sinus symptoms. So make sure to regularly check your air filter!

Examining the thermostat

You should regularly check your thermostat to make sure that your home is set to the right temperature. That way you’ll always have a comfortable home waiting for you, and you’ll save energy and money by not having your AC running all day when no one is at home.

Clean the AC unit outside

An AC unit should be clean from all angles, outside. After shutting off power to the unit, use a garden hose to gently clean out the debris. Do not use a power washer, and make sure not to bend or damage the delicate fins on the AC’s coil. If you really want your AC unit to shine, then we suggest using AC shampoo to comprehensively clean your unit.

Keep a check on the wire system

Have you ever noticed any signs of overheating on your AC system? You can always check any electrical connections to make sure they’re tight. If you have an electrical testing meter, then you can check the capacitors in the unit to make sure they’re working properly. Take a look at the contractor switch, and replace it if you see any excessive pitting. Having proper wiring can help you save big time on your AC system.