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There are very few experiences in life that are more frustrating and disappointing than having a cold house when it should be warmed by your furnace. When it comes to furnace problems, how do you know you should have certain repairs made or have it replaced altogether?

If that question keeps you up at night, take a look at the few things you can look for to make that decision a lot easier:

Age of the Furnace

How old is your furnace? On average, the life expectancy of furnaces is usually around 16 to 20 years. If your furnace is hovering around that age, it obviously would be wise to have our talented team give you a great deal on your furnace needs. We’ll help you decide the right size for your home, and pick one that is going to provide the most comfort efficiently.

Utility Bills Are Increasing

A good indication that your furnace is going to be giving up the ghost soon is that your utility bills are increasing. For example, a poor running furnace is going to suck up resources and cause your bills to skyrocket.

Replacing Parts

If your furnace needs repair often, that is a good indication that you need to replace your furnace. Many people usually opt to have the furnace repaired because that can help extend the life a little longer. However, if the repairs have been too frequent, it would be a much better option to replace the furnace and save money in the long run.

Temperature Inside Your Home

Is the temperature inside of your home inconsistent? Can it at times be hot in one room and cold in another? If so, this is a classic symptom of an impending breakdown (or on the flipside, it might just be that your home is too large for your furnace). Either way, contact our team to help you out with your furnace needs.

Inspect the Furnace Flame

Once in a while, you should inspect the furnace flame. A blue flame is normal, but a yellow flame indicates the presence of dangerous carbon monoxide. So does excessive moisture on the inside of windows, oxidization of pipes and vents causing rust, and rusting of appliance jacks.

Noise Coming From Furnace

Weird and loud noises should be a great indicator that something amiss with your furnace. For instance, if your furnace is making noises such as banging or squealing, the heater has stopped running efficiently.

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