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There aren’t many frustrating experiences than walking into your home on a freezing cold day and realizing that it’s almost as cold inside as it is outside.

If you ever run into this problem, don’t worry! Our team is not only well equipped to handle any repairs that you might need, but we can also provide you with some troubleshooting ideas.

If your furnace isn’t kicking on, make sure to check for the following reasons as to why:

Troubles with your thermostat

Your thermostat is like the heart of your heating system. This little piece of technology is responsible for telling your furnace when to turn on and off. So if your thermostat is not set or working properly, it might never tell your furnace to kick on.

When checking your thermostat, make sure to check the settings first. It could be something as simple as not being in the “heat” mode, and the furnace won’t kick on as you’d like.

You might also want to open up your thermostat’s cover and check for any dirt buildup, which can mess with your thermostat’s sensors. Try dusting your thermostat with a soft brush to remove any dust that you find.

Blown fuse

Fuses are great at making sure your system is running smoothly. That is until they blow. Your furnace uses gas to produce heat, but it also uses electricity to blow air throughout your home. If the fuse to your furnace is blown, your system will not turn on. Check your circuit breaker and make sure that the switch for your furnace is in the “on” position.

Pilot light went out

If you have an older furnace that uses a gas-lit pilot light, check to see that the flame is burning. If the pilot light were blown out, your furnace would not ignite properly.

Gas valve is turned off

Check to make sure that it is in the “on” position so that your furnace will receive a supply of gas. The gas valve to your furnace might have been turned off as a safety precaution during summer, so it would make sense if it has been turned off.

Dirty air filter

One of the most commonly overlooked spots of any HVAC system is the air filter. It is very easy to forget when the last time your filers were replaced. With that in mind, a dirty air filter can cause all kinds of problems with your furnace.

Sometimes those problems can cause your furnace to shut down and prevent it from starting up again. Make sure that your filter is clean. If your problem continues even after a clean filter is in your furnace, give us a call and we’ll help.

Overheating or malfunctioning part

Your furnace has many different components that all must work together in order to heat your home properly. If any of those components malfunction or overheat, they can cause serious problems that prevent it from turning on. Any problems with your furnace’s parts should be taken care of by our team.